Stratford’s BEST

Business Education Support Team

This Program is designed to promote exemplary performance by teachers through support of their
Classroom efforts. The Grants encourage the development of Programs that enrich the education of
Stratford’s children, and make possible special innovative and outstanding projects which otherwise
would not be funded. You will have an opportunity to personally present you Mini-Grant to recipient(s)
at one of the BEST Committee’s monthly meetings! You may choose the Curriculum area for your grant,
or we can help you! See Suggested Curriculum area on the reverse of this card.


NEW!!—Many more mini-grant applications are received each year that we can find
sponsors for, and so, in our effort to ensure the continuation of this important program, on the
occasion of BEST’s 20 th anniversary, the Committee established the Barbara M. Sirois BEST
Mini-Grant EDOWMENT FUND-thereby expanding BEST’s commitment to provide a lasting
source of funding for those projects which would not otherwise be possible due to budget
constraints and, thus, furthering the ultimate goal of enhancing the Learning Experience for all
of Stratford’s Students.


Funds are deposited into an interest bearing bank account so that the
interest may be utilized to fund one or more mini-grants (as the Funds grow) annually. Please
consider a donation to this MEANINGFUL AND LASTING way to ensure the continuation of this


Suggested Mini-Grant Curriculum areas that have benefited from Mini-Grants in the past and continue
to be needed are: Science, Math, Character Education, Career Development, Social Studies, Reading,
Writing, Technology, Early Childhood Literacy, Family Learning, The Arts, Community Service, Financial

For more information, please contact Robert David,

Please make check payable to: Stratford Education Foundation

and mail to:

ATTN: Robert David
Stratford Education Foundation
210 Pumpkin Ground Rd.
Stratford, CT 06614